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A Forecast for IoT: How to Improve Cybersecurity

From HVAC sensors, to security cameras, to pacemakers, and more, the Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a significant part of everyday life. IoT devices generate a massive amount of data and their growth is transforming what’s possible across industries. While IoT is opening up new, exciting possibilities for cities, enterprises, healthcare facilities, and more, it also creates opportunities for bad actors looking to exploit easy targets. The interconnected nature of IoT devices means that a s

Employee Productivity: A Modern Approach

Learn how to combine employee empowerment, successful processes, and innovative technology to boost employee satisfaction and productivity.

The past few years have seen some major shifts when it comes to the way employees work. While it may have once seemed outlandish to think that employees could work anywhere other than a corporate workspace, the exponentially growing trendline of remote work proves otherwise. With all the changes to the ways we work, it’s natural to wonder whether employee p

Server Capacity Planning Tool for IT Infrastructure | SolarWinds

• Server capacity planning is the process of using your understanding of current server capacity usage to optimize present and plan for future server performance. At its core, server capacity planning involves monitoring and alerting on server resources, such as CPU, memory, disk, and network. Being able to forecast when your server will run out of resources can also help you optimize hardware investments, while ensuring you continue to provide the capacity required by your applications.
• Serv

Lendflow | How to Start Your Embedded Lending Program

Embedded lending is emerging as a key business driver for the companies that embrace it. By engaging with customers in a new way, businesses adopting lending programs open up a whole range of benefits. The numbers speak for themselves — embedded lending solutions increase revenue per customer by two to five times.

Our guide to embedded lending offered a 10,000 foot view to explain the trend and answered basic questions. But how do you start lending to your SMB customers?

Begin your embedded

Azure IaaS Monitoring - IaaS Management Tool | SolarWinds

• Azure Infrastructure as a Service, or Azure IaaS, is a Microsoft solution that provides highly scalable and automated compute resources. Microsoft manages the underlying infrastructure such as CPU, memory, and storage. You are responsible for managing the operating system, middleware, application, and data. Before getting into the specifics of Azure IaaS, it’s important to first define IaaS in general. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) replaces your traditional on-premises data center infras

Best Secure File Transfer Tools With FTP | Tek-Tools

Fast file transfers over the internet have become the backbone of much of the work we do today. Every day, millions of file transfers occur between millions of people, facilitating collaboration across floors, buildings, and countries. To keep these transfers going smoothly, organizations turn to file transfer tools. These tools are designed to simplify the process for secure file transfers by leveraging file transfer protocol software.

Of course, not all these file transfer tools are created e

How to Do a HubSpot CSV Import | Actiondesk

This step-by-step guide shows you how to import CSV files into HubSpot and map your new data over HubSpot objects like Contacts and Deals.

Successful businesses need to know how to pivot in response to their customers’ dynamic needs. In order to do so, they need to understand their customers and forge strong relationships with them. Fortunately, a powerful CRM solution removes much of the heavy lifting from these processes.

A CRM solution like HubSpot increases visibility and efficiency for sa

Lendflow | Build, Buy, or Partner? The True Cost of Standing Up a Lending Program

So you’ve decided to create an embedded lending program. That’s great — you’ve taken the first step toward reaping the many business benefits offered by such a program. But now it’s time to figure out how to create that program and get it up and running as soon as possible.

One of the biggest misconceptions about an embedded lending program is that you must build the program yourself. But building is just one of three approaches you can use to create an embedded lending program, and it’s rarely

Trucking Authority

Trucking authority is governmental permission to get paid to haul freight. It is also called operating authority or motor carrier authority (MC authority) and it is necessary before you can start your own trucking company. Having trucking authority means you can be your own boss. It’s an opportunity for career growth that gives you full independence and can also come with a significant pay increase if you run your business well. It’s true that trucking authority comes with a lot of responsibilit

How ENFit® Improves Patient Outcomes in the NICU

How ENFit® Improves Patient Outcomes in the NICU

ENFit® products help reduce misconnections and human errors to keep infants in the NICU healthy and safe.

Infants are at their most vulnerable when they’re in the NICU. A minor medical mistake can be fatal at this stage of an infant’s life, which is why healthcare organizations must do all they can to reduce the likelihood of adverse events and improve patient outcomes in the NICU. In response to this imperative, procurement managers around the

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